Simone Sonay

Simone Sonay
52 years old
Place of birth
United States United States
Known for her MILF and cougar roles, Simone Sonay is an American pornographic actress who made her debut in 2012. The lovely blonde entered the porn industry later in her life, being 40 years old at the beginning of her career, working mostly with the Kink studio. Since her debut she did a bit over 150 sex titles, covering both the straight and lesbian sex features, and taking part in the movies that included interracial and anal intercourse. Some of her top-rated videos are Assfucked MILFs 6, Interracial Creampie Cuties 4, Simone Sonay Interracial Exploits, and That Cougar Fucks Like an Animal 7, to name a few.
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